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Conditions of Booking 


Accommodation at Wisteria, Gardener’s Bothy, and The Smithy,


1.    Reservations must be guaranteed with a 30% non-refundable deposit. This will be taken from your credit/debit card (American Express – surcharge of 4%) after you have provided your details to us securely online. We do not accept provisional bookings (i.e. bookings without a deposit)

2.    Payment in full is taken if the booking is made less than 28 days before the arrival date.

3.    In the event of cancellation or reduction to the booking more than 28 days before the arrival date, cancellation charges will be the deposit.

4.    In the event of cancellation or reduction in booking less than 28 days before the arrival date, cancellation charges will be the entire deposit and balance. We are fair with our cancellation policy. If we are able to recover the cost of the cancelled booking by another booking, we will not charge for that part we have not lost (if any).

5.    When making your reservation, by completion of this secure online form, you authorise that we may take the balance (70%) of the booking from your credit/debit card 28 days prior to arrival or take the cancellation fee as above. Please let us know if you prefer to pay the balance by cheque, otherwise the balance will be processed by credit card automatically. Alternative payments must be cleared through our bank account prior to the payment dates as above (details of our bank account are available on request for online payments).

6.    The booking is not confirmed until your deposit payment is successfully processed.

7.    Last minute bookings of less than three days in advance can only be by telephone or email 07958902728 Email

8.    No liability is accepted for loss or damage to guests’ property and we reserve the right to charge for damage to our property caused by guests, their visitors or pets. We will inform the guest of the damage before making a reasonable charge. Small or minor damages are not chargeable.

9.    We trust bookers to be honest with their description of the numbers of guests. If the number of guests sleeping in the apartment(s) is greater than that shown on the booking form, we reserve the right to take payment of double the advertised rate per extra unauthorised guest, irrespective of whether sleeping arrangements had been made for the unauthorised guests. If the booker informs us at the time, we can take the appropriate advertised payment for any extra guests. Please ensure you inform us as soon as you arrive, or earlier, so that we can provide the necessary bed linen and towels. Guests may have day visitors at no extra cost as long as those day visitors do not stay overnight. Please inform us if you are expecting to have day visitors who may be staying late into the evening, so that there is no misunderstanding.


10.    If the booker is planning on having more than four day visitors, please inform us as we need to ensure that the premises do not become overcrowded.


11.    Rowing groups may need to provide proof of their club or attendance at Dorney Rowing Lake. A minimum of 8 rowers to each booking.

12.    Pets – there is a charge of £13 per night for dogs, (up to a maximum of 3 pets). We do not charge per pet, so the charge is the same whether you bring one, two or three pets. Please check with us before you book if you have large dogs. If your dog sheds a lot of hairs, or has a very fine coat, please take extra care to avoid hairs shedding onto carpets and rugs.

13.    Earliest arrival is 4.00pm and latest check out is 10.30am.  We reserve the right to charge the full cost of an extra night’s stay if guests check out late, thereby delaying the time of entry for the next guests. (Depending on the next booking, it may be possible to stay later on request entirely at the discretion of our Housekeeper.) Please make any requests as soon as possible as late requests may have to be refused.

14.   There is a £10 charge for return of small items that are left behind to cover administrative costs, post and package.  This will be deducted from your card, but you will be contacted prior to our dispatching the item, and if you do not want it returned, then there will be no charge.

15.    We reserve the right to move any dog to an outbuilding, where it will be comfortable with a bed and some water if it becomes a nuisance to other guests or appears distressed.  Dog owners should ensure that dogs sleep in their own bed, not on the furniture or the beds, please.

16.    Guests park their cars within our secure environment at their own risk and we take no responsibility nor accept any liability for any damage incurred while vehicles are on our premises.


17.    Group booking of three apartments - We reserve the right, on rare occasions, to take a £300 damage deposit which will be added to the booking fee (taken when the deposit is paid) to be held and deducted only if there is unreasonable damage to the apartments. No damage deposit will be taken from the booker’s card without first asking permission. We would advise you of our intention to hold this deposit before we took the damage deposit. We also reserve the right to deduct money from the booker’s card, but not before informing the booker of our intention to do so and explaining why. Examples of damage are.

a) stains, dirty or discoloured towels (make-up etc), carpets and upholstery (food/drink)

b) Physical damage to the premises

c) unreasonable damage to the grounds or exterior.

d) excessive breakages to glasses, plates etc. If there is any deduction made, photographs will be taken and emailed so that the booker may see the situation before any deductions are made. We suggest that the booker makes sure that everyone in the party understands that they will all be jointly responsible. That way, any deduction will be quite small for each person. We are very reasonable people, but we need to protect against irresponsible behaviour. The whole or part of the deposit will be returned within 5 days’ of the departure date.

18. Dorney Self Catering Apartments is the trading name of Troppo Property Partnership. Your payment will be made via the payment gateway using your payment card.

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