This access statement describes our current facilities and services offered to our guests. This will enable potential guests to make an informed decision with regard to our flats and facilities. It also helps them decide about their particular needs.


It falls within the requirement of the Disability Discrimination Act (1995 revised 2005) (DDA). This access statement is a mandatory part of the quality assessment process for Visit Britain (Star Rating), but it also helps with specific access issues, decision making for potential guests, and legal obligations within the DDA (see above).


This access statement is placed on our website, is available within the information folder in each apartment and is available on demand from any of our staff. It may be emailed or posted to you.


Dorney Self Catering Apartments comprises 3 separate self-catering apartments, within one building, that was originally built as part of The Old Place, Boveney.  


The main barn building dates back to 1910, is of red brick construction with tiled roof. 


Gardener’s Bothy takes up the whole of the loft conversion on the first floor.  The Smithy is to the rear of the building and Wisteria is to the front of the building.  Wisteria is a conversion of the original coach house. 

The Smithy and Wisteria are on the ground floor with one step up to the entrance with a threshold in each case.  A ramp can be fitted to each entrance when required.


Dorney Self Catering Apartments offers practical accommodation for families, who may use “sofa beds”. The star rating from Visit Britain is based on the number of bed places the accommodation offers, which is of course, much less than when the wider facility of sofa beds is used.




• Secure rural environment

• Open garden areas for sitting out and playing games, and barbecue

• Pets welcome

• Clothes washing facilities and tumble dryer available free of charge

• Full kitchen facilities

• Bath with shower in Gardeners Bothy

• Shower rooms in Wisteria and The Smithy

• Friendly helpful staff




Our booking process is mainly via the internet or telephone, with email sent with travel directions and full information both on the website and in our emails. Arrival is recommended by car, but guests can arrive by taxi. There are no immediate public transport facilities, with Taplow station being approximately 2 miles away and the nearest bus stop is 2 miles away in Eton Wick.


There is ample parking for cars which is free.


There are no tea rooms, farm shops or bars on the premises. The nearest shops and pubs are one mile away on foot across the common and a 10-minute drive in the car.




Office hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm on weekdays, but Peter Smith and Rosalyn Smith live at

The Old Place, and are available on the mobile and home number out of hours in an emergency. 




The gardens and decking areas are shared between the three apartments. 




There are large flat screen digital TVs in each apartment. BBQ and garden seating facilities are also available.




There are no conference or meeting rooms.




There are no specific attractions.  This is self catering accommodation for guests to enjoy the surroundings and explore the local tourist attractions.  




There is the legal requirement for no smoking within the buildings.  There are areas outside with seating and ash trays for smokers. 




Address The Old Place, Lock Path, Dorney, Windsor, SL4 6QQ

Telephone  07958 902728



Contact Names

Dinah Sanderson and Peter Smith




Free fast WIFI



Gardeners Bothy –

Main entrance opens inwards and then the accommodation is on the first floor with one straight flight of stairs

the main door is

73cm wide and 198cm high,

the door to the stairs is

73cm wide and 210cm high. 

Wisteria -

has a threshold the door opens inwards and is 84cm wide and 198cm high

The access to the bathroom is limited due to the width of the door being

55cm wide


The Smithy –

the door opens inwards and is

75cm wide and 198cm high

It has direct access with only a small step and threshold, however, the shower room has an 8 inch step up to it.

car park is gravel, although no problems have been experienced by wheelchair users.





Gardener’s Bothy


The entrance door is 196cm high x 73cm wide, opening into the public lobby, the door to Gardeners Bothy is 210cm high x 70cm wide with stairs immediately at the door opening. The stairs are 174 cm wide, with 15 treads of 22cm length each, with risers of 19cm high. There is a stair gate at the top. The hall width is 87cm to the main bedroom which has a step down of 25cm.  There are two single beds.  The bed height is 60cm from floor to top of mattress.  Duvet and pillows are provided. Sheets are cotton and duvets are polycotton or cotton.  There is no telephone facility.


The sizes of all the rooms are clearly stated on the floor plans on our website and in the information sheet in the flats.


There is a self catering kitchen with a fridge.  The kitchen is well lit with spotlights.  The fridge has a small icebox. It is open plan with the dining room and living room, with access into the living room of 60cm wide.  The electric oven door is drop-down with a grill. There are no wall units to the kitchen.  The sink is 95cm high, the hob is 95cm high (electric). Other kitchen facilities includes electric kettle, toaster and microwave oven.


The living room has a short pile carpet and the kitchen floor is vinyl.  The bathroom door is 65cm wide, opening out.  The bath is 55cm high to the rim.  There is a sloping ceiling.




The entrance door is 2m high and 80cm wide opening inwards. A ramp can be provided to go over the step and threshold. The door to the bedroom is 72cm wide.  The twin beds are each 90cm wide and 190cm long, with a height of 55cm from floor to top of mattress.  Duvet and pillows are provided.  Sheets are cotton and duvets are polyester.  There is no telephone facility.  The beds are moveable for more space.  The sizes of all the rooms are clearly stated on the floor plans on our website and in the information sheet in the flats.  


There is a self catering kitchen. It is open plan, with the dining room and living room, with access of 100cm width.  The electric oven door is drop down with a grill.  There are wall units in the kitchen.  The sink is 90cm high, the fitted cooker is 90cm high (electric).  The living room has a vinyl floor and rug, the kitchen floor is also vinyl.  The kitchen is well lit with spotlights.  The fridge is under the worktop with a small icebox. Other kitchen facilities include: electric kettle, toaster and microwave.


 The shower room door is 195cm high x 55cm wide, opening inwards. The shower tray has a step in of 20cm. The shower tray is 1m x 60cm.


The Smithy


The entrance door is 176cm high and 75cm wide, leading into a small lobby with storage shelves.  The living room is open plan with the bedroom and is "L" shaped with twin beds.  The beds are 90cm wide and 190cm long with a height of 55cm from floor to top of mattress.  Duvet and pillows are provided.  Sheets are cotton and duvets are polyester.  There is no telephone facility.  


This is a studio apartment with the kitchen, dining area, living, and bedroom area all open plan.  The electric cooker is 90cm high with an oven, and drop-down door with a grill.  There are wall units in the kitchen area which are between 140cm and 180cm high.  The sink is 90cm high.  The apartment is well lit with spotlights and wall lights.  The fridge/freezer is near the sink.  Other kitchen facilities include electric kettle, toaster and microwave oven. The door to the shower has a step up of 25cm, and the shower tray has a step up of 20cm. The sizes of all the rooms are clearly stated on the floor plans on our website and in the information sheet in the flats.




We are constantly upgrading our furniture and facilities with new more comfortable dining room furniture and new digital TVs.

16 MB/s WIFI connection has also now been provided free of charge.





Dorney Self Catering Apartments

The Old Place

Lock Path





T 01753 827037 



Dorney Self-Catering Apartments

The Old Place,

Lock Path, Dorney, Windsor,



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